Or does there even need to be a MessageContext on the interface?

If an aim of Mediators is that they're based on SOAP Infoset and any containment aspects should be separate then how about the mediate method taking just a SOAP message, something like an AXIOM SOAPMessage or SOAPEnvelope? If the Mediator really needs access to some context then Synapse can use dependency injection to pass it in.

interface Mediator {
   public boolean mediate(SOAPEnvelope envelope);

And if a Mediator impl requires context it provides a method like: 

  public void setMessageContext(org.apache.synapse.context.MessageContext mc) {...}

ant elder <ant.elder@gmail.com> on 07/10/2005 10:42:16

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To:    synapse-dev@ws.apache.org

Subject:    RE: Mediator interface

What do people think about having a new Synapse MessageContext interface
instead of using the AXIS2 MessageContext class? It makes Synapse quite
invasive - a mediation has dependencies on both Synapse and AXIS2.

An aim of Synapse mediations is to be based on the SOAP Infoset, but using
the AXIS2 classes brings in far more than that, eg the AXIS2 MC has methods
relating to AXIS2 config - modules, SystemConfiguration etc. And as its a
class not an interface you can't easily mock it up for unit testing
mediation beans in isolation, you endup needing mocks for all sorts of
unrelated AXIS2 classes. Which surely that goes against Synapse being a
non-invasive container for mediation POJOs?

Similar thing with the AXISFault. I agree with what Eric said earlier about
not using AXISFault. If mediation exceptions are going to be fundamentally
SOAPy faults then AXISFault represents more than that.


PS. Hi guys