1 - thanks!

2 - In Axis2 terms, the mediators are services. In other words there the rule matching engine is a dispatcher, the modules provide the QoS, and then the Mediator is called by a SynapseMessageReceiver. Modules intersperse handlers. The handlers and mediators are similar, but the fundamental *meaning* or semantic of those are different.

BUT.... this is all subject to change. The wiki shows a few ways of doing this. Your proposal is another possible approach. I suggest we code some up and try them out.


On 10/6/05, Vikas <> wrote:
Few things
1) We have added the Infravio X-Broker presentation made during the F2F to the Wiki.
2) Why aren't the mediators modules[axis2 sense].
This would not only allow us to leverage the full power of axis2 architecture but would also make the synapse-terms and the modules used in QoS (addressing, security, etc;) indistinguishable.
This will require us to modify axis2.xml to add custom phases but then we would have to modify or extend the axis2-core to get the synapse dispatcher or receiver in anyways.
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On 10/4/05, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> Dims and I sat down and talked through the Synapse F2F with a bunch of Axis2
> committers today. Dims took some great notes (better than at the F2F), and
> we got some good ideas on how to implement inside Axis2. We've updated the
> Wiki. We've also added the first two milestone targets.
> Paul

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