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From "Ruwan Linton" <>
Subject Synapse as a pure module to engage in to services
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 09:17:17 GMT
Hi all,

Synapse currently gets the message through a SynapseMessageReceiver on the
Dispatch phase. This will limit the ability for synapse to be engaged in to
services in axis2. (Synapse wont get the message if there is an actual axis2
service to which the message gets dispatched)

Therefore I am working on a new Synapse module which will inject the message
to synapse using an axis2 handler and after mediation it will let the
message to flow in the handler chain and invoke the service. In order for
the dropping message to work in this module we will have to change the
SynapseEnv API a little bit. That is we need to change the return type of
the injectMessage method from void to boolean.

This is because, say we do a validation in Synapse and decided to drop the
message because the validation fails. In order to inform the handler that it
needs to return InvocationResponse.ABORT rather than
InvocationResponse.CONTINUE, injectMessage should say whether to continue
processing the message in the handler chain or not.

Comments on this?


Ruwan Linton - "Oxygenating the Web Services Platform"

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