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From "Ruwan Linton" <>
Subject Re: Changing configuration dynamically
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 02:49:11 GMT
Hi Jason,

On 9/11/07, WALTON Jason <> wrote:
>    I'm looking to dynamically change the configuration of Synapse while it
> is running
> How exactly are you planning to do this? Could you elaborate on the
> proposed approach?
> An excellent question!  :)  I have yet to decide on the mechanism, but
> likely something similar to WSO2, with a set of web services which allow one
> or more administrators to make changes to the configuration on the fly.
> Alternatively, updating the current "registry" based system so that all
> elements, including Proxies, can be modified.

No. Current implementation does not allow you to get proxy services from the
registry. Also if you read my comment on the SYNAPSE-125 carefully, you will
understand that the full configuration can not be made dynamic by putting it
in to the registry. (At least for the moment)

I understand, from,
> that the current implementation would try to rebuild the entire
> configuration,

No.  We do not support the full configuration to be dynamic (when you
specify it in the registry it is static, i.e one time load), please read the
comment on the SYNAPSE-125 carefully.

and I haven't dug into the code at all, but perhaps this could be modified
> such that the registry reads in elements and "synchronizes" the
> configuration with the registry, instead of rebuilding from scratch.

This looks a good approach when we are going to support this.

However, digging into the implementation, I see no indication of any form of
> thread synchronization in SynapseConfiguration, nor anywhere it is
> referenced.  This seems to imply that changing the configuration while
> running would not be thread safe.  Am I missing the synchronization
> mechanism?
> Right now we have a single user model for administration from that
> implementation. We will address any such issue soon as we integrate with
> user management functionality in the near future
> Right, so only one administrator can edit the configuration at a time; but
> if we have a single configuration object shared system wide, then while one
> administrator is making changes to the configuration, the Synapse mediators
> could be trying to read from that configuration at the same time.  If the
> administrator is adding a new proxy, for example, this involves adding the
> Proxy to a HashMap in the SynapseConfiguration, which is not thread safe,
> because a mediator could be trying to read from that same HashMap while it
> is being modified, with undefined results.  I was expecting to find a
> ReadWriteLock here, or to see the SynapseConfiguration object which is
> shared be marked "volatile" and have it cloned/modified/replaced every time
> a modification was made, or something along similar lines.  I was just
> wondering if "something along similar lines" exists, and I'm just missing
> it, or if changing the configuration on the fly under heavy load is likely
> to cause chaos and mayhem?

I think we have to address this synchronization problem in the Synapse
Configuration (with the introduction of the user management)


Ruwan Linton - "Oxygenating the Web Services Platform"

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