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From Alvin Henrick <share.c...@aol.com>
Subject JIRA-704 : TajoMaster High Availability .
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2014 04:08:16 GMT
Hi All ,
            After doing lot of research in my opinion we should utilize zookeeper for Tajo
Master HA.I have created a small POC and shared it on my Github repository ( git@github.com:alvinhenrick/zooKeeper-poc.git).

            Just to make things little bit easier and maintainable I am utilizing Apache Curator
the Fluent Zookeeper Client API  developed at Netflix and is now part of an  apache open source

            I have attached the diagram to convey my message to the team members.Will upload
it to JIRA once everyone agree with the proposed solution.

            Here is the flow going to look like.

            TajoMasterZkController   ==> 

This component  will start and connect to zookeeper quorum and fight ( :) ) to obtain the
latch / lock to become the master .
Once the lock is obtained the Apache Curator API will invoke takeLeadership () method at this
time will start the TajoMaster.
As long as the TajoMaster is running the Controller will keep the lock and update the meta
data on zookeeper server with the HOSTNAME and RPC PORT.
The other participant will keep waiting for the latch/ lock to be released by zookeeper to
obtain the leadership.
The advantage is we can have as many Tajo Master's as we wan't but only one can be the leader
and will consume the resources only after obtaining the latch/lock.
           TajoWorkerZkController ==> 
This component  will start and connect to zookeeper (will create EPHEMERAL ZNODE) and wait
for the events from zookeeper.
The first listener will listener for successful registration.
The second listener on master node will listen for any  changes to the master node received
from zookeeper server.  
 If the failover occurs the data on the master ZNODE will be changed and the new HOSTNAME
and RPC PORT can be obtained and the TajoWorker can establish the new RPC connection with
the TajoMaster.
          To demonstrate I have created the small Readme.txt file on Github on how to run
the example. Please read the log statements on the console.
          Similar to TajoWorkerZkController we can also implement TajoClientZkController.

          Any help or advice is appreciated.
Warm Regards,

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