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From Henry Saputra <henry.sapu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JIRA-704 : TajoMaster High Availability .
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2014 02:22:52 GMT
Jaehwa, I think we should think about pluggable mechanism that would
allow some kind distributed system like ZK to be used if wanted.

- Henry

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 7:15 PM, Jaehwa Jung <blrunner@apache.org> wrote:
> Hi, Alvin
> I'm sorry for late response, and thank you very much for your contribution.
> I agree with your opinion for zookeeper. But, zookeeper requires an
> additional dependency that someone does not want.
> I'd like to suggest adding an abstraction layer for handling TajoMaster HA.
> When I had created TAJO-740, I wished that TajoMaster HA would have a
> generic interface and a basic implementation using HDFS. Next, your
> proposed zookeeper implementation will be added there. It will allow users
> to choice their desired implementation according to their environments.
> In addition, I'd like to propose that TajoMaster embeds the HA module, and
> it would be great if HA works well by launching a backup TajoMaster.
> Deploying additional process besides TajoMaster and TajoWorker processes
> may give more burden to users.
> *Cheers*
> *Jaehwa*
> 2014-04-13 14:36 GMT+09:00 Jihoon Son <jihoonson@apache.org>:
>> Hi Alvin.
>> Thanks for your suggestion.
>> In overall, your suggestion looks very reasonable to me!
>> I'll check the POC.
>> Many thanks,
>> Jihoon
>> Hi All ,
>>             After doing lot of research in my opinion we should utilize
>> zookeeper for Tajo Master HA.I have created a small POC and shared it on my
>> Github repository ( git@github.com:alvinhenrick/zooKeeper-poc.git).
>>             Just to make things little bit easier and maintainable I am
>> utilizing Apache Curator the Fluent Zookeeper Client API  developed at
>> Netflix and is now part of an  apache open source project.
>>             I have attached the diagram to convey my message to the team
>> members.Will upload it to JIRA once everyone agree with the proposed
>> solution.
>>             Here is the flow going to look like.
>>             TajoMasterZkController   ==>
>>    1. This component  will start and connect to zookeeper quorum and fight
>>       ( :) ) to obtain the latch / lock to become the master .
>>       2. Once the lock is obtained the Apache Curator API will invoke
>>       takeLeadership () method at this time will start the TajoMaster.
>>       3. As long as the TajoMaster is running the Controller will keep the
>>       lock and update the meta data on zookeeper server with the
>>       PORT.
>>       4. The other participant will keep waiting for the latch/ lock to be
>>       released by zookeeper to obtain the leadership.
>>       5. The advantage is we can have as many Tajo Master's as we wan't but
>>       only one can be the leader and will consume the resources only after
>>       obtaining the latch/lock.
>>            TajoWorkerZkController ==>
>>    1. This component  will start and connect to zookeeper (will create
>>       EPHEMERAL ZNODE) and wait for the events from zookeeper.
>>       2. The first listener will listener for successful registration.
>>       3. The second listener on master node will listen for any  changes to
>>       the master node received from zookeeper server.
>>       4.  If the failover occurs the data on the master ZNODE will be
>>       changed and the new HOSTNAME and RPC PORT can be obtained and the
>>       TajoWorker can establish the new RPC connection with the TajoMaster.
>>           To demonstrate I have created the small Readme.txt file
>> on Github on how to run the example. Please read the log statements on the
>> console.
>>           Similar to TajoWorkerZkController we can also
>> implement TajoClientZkController.
>>           Any help or advice is appreciated.
>> Thanks!
>> Warm Regards,
>> Alvin.

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