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From Jaewoong Jung <jun...@gmail.com>
Subject Timezone issues
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2014 03:47:06 GMT
I found two test cases are failing on my machines due to timezone
issues. (Of course, on unmodified latest clients)

1. TestIntervalDatum#testOperation - the one testing DateDatum +
TimeDatume (line #91)

On my machines, the result value is 2001-09-29 03:00:00, not
2001-09-28 03:00:00. The reason it fails is, I assume, in
DateDatum#plus, it converts tm2 to a local time before adding it to
tm1, where I see two issues.

(1) Why does it bother to change it to a local time before adding and
change it back to UTC after that? I don't see any points in doing so.

(2) Supposing there are some reasons behind it, why does it convert an
"interval" (in this case, tm2) to a local time? Intervals don't have
timezones, so it doesn't make sense at all. And, in my case, since my
machines are set to PST, which is UTC -8:00, it tries to subtract 8
hours from 3 hours, and I'm thinking it's causing some kind of
underflow error. As a proof, it works just fine if I change DateDatum,
line 129 from DateTimeUtil.toUserTimezone(tm2) to
DateTimeUtil.toUserTimezone(tm1). (tm1 is a TimeMeta of the DateDatum
to add an interval to, and tm2 is the interval's TimeMeta.)

2. TestTimestampDatum#testTimestampConstructor, line 163

It compares a Calendar instance, which returns local year, month, date
values, with a TimestampDatum instance, which returns UTC year, month,
date values except for toString and asChars values. As a result, it
passes on my machine in the morning, but fails in the evening.


Both tests run fine if I change the timezone to London, which is
another reason I strongly believe these are timezone issues.

Is anyone working on these issues? If not, I can fix them myself.


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