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From Howard Lewis Ship <hls...@gmail.com>
Subject Removal of deprecated stuff
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:29:24 GMT
I'm doing a lot of work in trunk (5.3.0) to start removing classes
that were @Deprecated in 5.2 and earlier.  So far, it's been some
minor things not visible to most users, plus @ApplicationState,
@IncludeJavaScriptLibrary and @IncludeStylesheet.

There's quite a few more I want to hit, including PrimaryKeyEncoder,
RenderSupport, and the old page pooling mechanism.as well as the
URLRewriter stuff that was replaced with the LinkTransformer.

If you know something that's @Deprecated in 5.2 and think there's a
compelling reason to extend support for it for another release, please
speak up!

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Creator of Apache Tapestry

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learn how I can get you up and productive in Tapestry fast!

(971) 678-5210

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