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From Jonathan Eagles <jeag...@gmail.com>
Subject Tez branch-0.6 open
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2014 05:44:46 GMT

The Tez developers have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming
0.6 release as is evident by the high activity on the mailing lists
and JIRA. To that end, I have created Tez branch-0.6 to prepare for
the upcoming 0.6.0 release candidate with a stabilizing branch and
unblock the 0.7 patches that are growing stale. Master branch has been
updated to be the check-in location for 0.7 and beyond patches and the
build has been updated to produce 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT artifacts from the
master branch. Please be diligent in alerting me to appropriate
criticals or blockers and important Tez UI/Speculative
Execution/Timeline domain ACLs fixes needed for the 0.6 branch or feel
confident in backporting these appropriate fixes to branch-0.6

Please expect another update in a few days on the 0.6.0 release
preparations and timelines.

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