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From Hitesh Shah <hit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Problems with earlier Hadoop versions
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2015 06:09:09 GMT
Hi Kostas,

2.4.0 is something which we are looking to support as I believe there are quite a few users
using it currently. Based on an email survey I sent out sometime back, I think there were
users using a wide spectrum from 2.2 onwards. Though, at some point down the line, we would
like to stop supporting 2.2 depending on the level of complexity reached to support the various
hadoop versions and their divergent feature sets.

IAC, with respect to what you are seeing, at times, there are changes which go in that break
builds against older versions of hadoop unintentionally. Most of the developers usually tend
to use the latest version of hadoop ( and also the recent change to make 2.6.0 default ) has
not helped on that front. The 2.6.0 change was mainly made with respect to the Tez UI and
the dependence on YARN timeline server. From a security point of view, neither 2.4 nor 2.5
have a proper secure Timeline server implementation in place. 

In most cases, we have a couple of daily builds ( https://builds.apache.org/job/Tez-Build-Hadoop-2.4/
and https://builds.apache.org/job/Tez-Build-Hadoop-2.2/ ) which usually catch these issues
though the turnaround time on these bugs is dependent on someone picking them up quickly.
Filed TEZ-2095 for the build failure - introduced a couple of days back. 

However, the 0.6.0 release is something that I don’t believe most of us were aware of. I
just tried a local deploy of 0.6.0 and hadoop 2.4.0 and did not hit any issues with the simple
orderedwordcount job that I ran though I tried with the full tarball and not the minimal one.
Would you mind trying with the full tarball and let me know whether the error is reproducible?
The only thing I can think of here is that there is an incompatibility between what was compiled
against and what is on the classpath on the cluster. 

— Hitesh

On Feb 12, 2015, at 3:32 AM, Kostas Tzoumas <ktzoumas@apache.org> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I would like to report the following:
> (1) the current master does not compile with hadoop 2.4.0
> (mvn -DskipTests clean package -Dhadoop.version=2.4.0 -Phadoop24
> -P\!hadoop26)
> [ERROR] Failed to execute goal
> org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:testCompile
> (default-testCompile) on project tez-dag: Compilation failure
> /.../tez/tez-dag/src/test/java/org/apache/tez/dag/app/TestTaskAttemptListenerImplTezDag.java:[161,42]
> cannot find symbol
> [ERROR] symbol:   method
> newContainerId(org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.ApplicationAttemptId,long)
> [ERROR] location: class org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.ContainerId
> (2) I am trying to run the examples of tez 0.6.0 on a cluster with hadoop
> 2.4.0 and I am getting runtime exceptions:
> 2015-02-12 11:59:01,353 FATAL [main] app.DAGAppMaster: Error starting
> DAGAppMaster
> java.lang.AbstractMethodError:
> org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.ContainerId.setContainerId(J)V
>        at
> org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.ContainerId.newInstance(ContainerId.java:60)
>        at
> org.apache.hadoop.yarn.util.ConverterUtils.toContainerId(ConverterUtils.java:178)
>        at org.apache.tez.dag.app.DAGAppMaster.main(DAGAppMaster.java:1821)
> The error appears when both using the cluster's hadoop jars (with the
> tez-minimal jar) and using the hadoop jars shipped with tez-0.6.0.
> I compiled the 0.6.0 release with the -Dhadoop.version=2.4.0 -Phadoop24
> -P\!hadoop26 options. I also tried editing the pom file and changed the
> hadoop version and removed tez-plugins.
> Any advice? Is hadoop 2.4.0 supported in the long term, or would you
> recommend to upgrade to 2.6.0?
> Best,
> Kostas

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