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From Jaume Marhuenda <jmarhue...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: Merge process for contributions
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2018 17:05:51 GMT
Hi Jonathan,

I’d be happy to drive process. I’ll try to come up with a more formal proposition that
tackles the talking points, which I think are all relevant.


On 7/24/18, 9:42 AM, "Jonathan Eagles" <jeagles@gmail.com> wrote:

    Thanks Jaume for bringing up this discussion.
    I am in agreement that the development process is fluid and should change
    and evolve in the same way as our code base. After looking into this, I can
    see that git itself supports a separate committer and author natively and
    github likewise supports this feature set and preserves committer and
    author fields.
    Jaume would you be willing to drive the process update by gathering
    consensus and new process and then updating process in How to Contribute to
    Tez cwiki?
    Couple of talking points.
    - Limiting barriers to contributions. Requiring a github account to
    contribute is a barriers that may exclude some contributors. Keeping a
    flexible process where both patches and github PRs can work seems like a
    very good thing.
    - Github Tez Pre-Commit process. Currently PRs submitted to github don't
    automatically start the Tez Pre-Commit process. If github PRs are allowed
    as part of the process, they should have the same feature set as patches
    and integrate fully with Tez Pre-Commit (though Yetus?)
    - Patch process with author. Author field can be extended to patches via
    git command line in a few ways. Author email can be added to the current
    patch process by committer via git commit --author="author email". Although
    getting email address can be problematic as pointed out above. Another way
    could be git diff can be replaced with git format-patch <branch>
    (--no-prefix) --stdout > TEZ-ID.REV.patch that will include configured
    email address as well as Commit message. Patches can be applied with
    corresponding cat TEZ-ID.REV.patch | git am (-p0). Reference:
    On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 4:53 PM, Jaume Marhuenda <jmarhuenda@hortonworks.com
    > wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > I wanted to bring up the topic about how contributions are made to the
    > project, regarding the committer and author fields in the commit metadata.
    > The process for contributing it's described here:
    > https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/TEZ/How+to+Contribute+to+Tez.
    > There seems to be to be two options to contribute: submitting a patch and
    > submitting a pull request. If a patch is submitted it's harder to preserve
    > authorship in the commit metadata since the user doing so may not have a
    > github account. In this situation, for a general case, I can't think of
    > anything better than the current approach which I understand consists of
    > specifying the author in the commit message. But most of the commits are
    > going to be made by people that we know of. It shouldn't be too hard for
    > any of the committers to find out the github id and email.
    > The second option is to open a pull request. I think for this case ideally
    > we'd preserve authorship since we have all the necessary information to do
    > so. A possible way of doing this that would be consistent with the commit
    > history and with the previous options is to cherry-pick-squash from the PR
    > and then commit to master.
    > Jaume.

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