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From "Jeff Hammerbacher" <>
Subject Thrift and Hadoop; especially: Java support in Thrift
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 08:02:52 GMT
Hey Thrift Users and Developers,

The Apache Hadoop community is going through the process of hardening
Hadoop in preparation of a 1.0 release. The process is being
documented here:

If you check out the "Multi-language serialization" part of the linked
document, you'll see that there is a debate going on about which
cross-language RPC framework to use for Hadoop going forward. The
major contenders are Thrift, Protocol Buffers, Etch, and Hessian. One
of the major reasons I pushed to get Thrift into Apache when at
Facebook was the opportunity to replace Hadoop's RPC mechanisms with
Thrift. I guess now is the moment of truth.

If you'd like to see Hadoop adopt Thrift as it's internal and external
RPC framework, please voice your opinion on the Hadoop development
list. If you want to go the extra mile, the biggest blocker to Thrift
adoption within the Hadoop community is its poor support for Java. If
you have some time available and you're a Java wizard, any code you
can contribute to Thrift in the next few weeks will make a difference
in the push to get Thrift adopted by the Hadoop community.

Anyways, as a Thrift and Hadoop fanboy, I'm just trying to do some
cheerleading to make the marriage happen.


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