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From "Michael Greene" <>
Subject Re: Win32 Binary for the Thrift Compiler
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2008 03:41:19 GMT
Hi Hannes, replies inline:

> I'm trying Thrift out for the first time. I've had numerous issues with
> building Thrift on Windows and I'm wondering if and how it should be done.

The Thrift *compiler* can be built on Windows, with the aid of Cygwin
and/or MinGW.  There is some documentation on how to do this on the wiki,
but given your next comment I'll assume you followed it.  Can you post any
specific errors you encountered?

> Would it be a good or bad idea to serve a binary package of the Windows
> version for easier and better user-experience?

I would like to see binaries distributed eventually.  At my company, we
distribute Thrift internally via a Windows setup file after building.  If Thrift
begins distributing binaries, perhaps the NSIS script would be useful?

> Can some one tell me where to start?

I personally found it useful to begin with the tutorial and then read the
Facebook contrib files and the Hbase API.

- Michael Greene

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