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From Jonathan Marcus <>
Subject PHP to C# latency & connection errors
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 23:11:39 GMT

I'm making Thrift requests from my front-end web servers (running in 
PHP) to my back-end app servers (running in C#). There are two problems, 
and I think they're related, but I can't figure out what's causing them:

1. I'm having strange delays in the PHP client. If I make several 
requests during a single page load, the first one will return quickly 
(elapsed time < 1ms), but subsequent requests take up to 100 ms to 
complete. This only happens from PHP - tests from other languages do not 
have this delay, so I'm pretty sure it's not network latency.

2. After every request, errors are being thrown by the server, with the 
message: "Thrift.Transport.TTransportException: Cannot read, Remote side 
has closed". The TServer catches it and logs it, but I'm guessing that 
it's related to the delays, i.e., that the PHP TClient isn't closing the 
connection properly, and the C# TServer is timing out while waiting for 
it to finish cleanly.

What's really strange is that all my requests complete successfully, and 
my client and server are stable, only there's this mysterious delay with 
(almost) every request, and these mysterious server-side errors.

Anybody have any ideas? I can't find anything in the documentation or in 
forums, and I'm stumped.


-- Client-Server setup:
PHP: Using a TBinaryProtocol, wrapped around a TBufferedTransport, 
wrapped around a TSocket.

C#: Using a TThreadPoolServer, wrapped around a TServerSocket.

-- Call Stack for Server-Side Exceptions
Thrift.Transport.TTransportException: Cannot read, Remote side has closed
    at Thrift.Transport.TTransport.ReadAll(Byte[] buf, Int32 off, Int32 
len) in \Thrift\Transport\TTransport.cs:line 44
    at Thrift.Protocol.TBinaryProtocol.ReadAll(Byte[] buf, Int32 off, 
Int32 len) in \Thrift\Protocol\TBinaryProtocol.cs:line 381
    at Thrift.Protocol.TBinaryProtocol.ReadI32() in 
\Thrift\Protocol\TBinaryProtocol.cs:line 327
    at Thrift.Protocol.TBinaryProtocol.ReadMessageBegin() in 
\Thrift\Protocol\TBinaryProtocol.cs:line 210

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