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From "Esteve Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: Python server over HTTP, HTTPS -- How?
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 14:36:42 GMT
Hi Brian

> It turns out that I need a highly efficient server.  I'm a one-man
> shop and am limited in the number of servers I can afford to deploy.

I can't recommend using Twisted highly enough :-) So I've attached a web
server that should be compatible with the one that Thrift ships, but using
Twisted. You'll have to take care of initializing your handler, processor,
etc. though.

BTW, if you think that returning NOT_DONE_YET and having a separate _cbProcess
method is a bit confusing, don't worry. We (Twisted) are working on returning
Deferreds directly from the render method [1]


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