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From Mayan Moudgill <>
Subject cthrift status
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 18:05:19 GMT

Time to broadcast status on cthrift.

At this point, cthrift server-side is fairly complete. You can have a 
look at the wiki:
and the example code (test/server.h, test/server.c).

I've added support for memory allocation and automatic cleanup of memory 
  allocated for arguments and results.

I've also added tests to see if an argument is available (isset) and if 
it is type compatible (iserror) - though I have to work a little on iserror.

The server model is ddesigned so that the reading/parsing of a message, 
invoking the server-side RPC, and returning the result are separate 
actions; also, the reading is non-blocking. This will allow more 
efficient use multiple threads.

I have some ideas on what to do next, but I'm soliciting more ideas. 
Also, if someone wants to jump in and do some coding, please feel free. 
Surely after 150+ downloads, someone has some ideas :)

Also, if there is some real-world app that people want ported over from 
old Thrift, I'd be more than happy to help - client or server.


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