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From Ken Sandney <>
Subject Thrift problem when communicating to Cassandra server
Date Sat, 24 Apr 2010 05:58:07 GMT

I am using Cassandra PHP client and if I enable thrift_protocol extension I
always got some time-out error. Here is the message I sent to cassandra user
mailing list:

> The attachment is a package for testing time-outs. In my situation I have 4
> nodes cluster with latest 0.6.1. I am doing this test in command line and
> only for 1 thread. With php thrift_protocol enabled it seems more chances to
> get time-out and sometimes crashed with this error:
> ...terminate called after throwing an instance of 'PHPExceptionWrapper'
>>   what():  PHP exception zval=0x10075508
>> Aborted
> Without the extension and with this patch on
> ,  the test result seems
> better but still got time-outs
> To do the test, just unpack the package and run
> $php test.php
> all exception and time-outs will be written to log.txt. Before test starts,
> you have to modify test.php for Cassandra connection settings.
> I am new to Cassandra and have some RDBMS background. Remind me/correct me
> if I missed something/have made any mistakes.
> Thank you

And the attachment is the package I made for test

Thanks for any feedbacks

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