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From Qing Yan <>
Subject Re: Oneway/async call guarantee
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 22:19:45 GMT
On 7/23/10, Bryan Duxbury <> wrote:
> 1) No.
Ok..what is the reliable transport the paper is referring to then, does it
exist in practice?
> 2) Probably just to the local socket buffer. If you are writing and the
> connection happens to close or something like that, you'll see those
> exceptions in the client.
Just to confirm subsequent calls not the current call will get the exception,
> On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 8:43 PM, Qing Yan <> wrote:
>> Hello!
>>  I have a few question while reading the thrift paper "Additionally,
>> an async modifier
>> keyword may be added to a void function, which will generate
>> code that does not wait for a response from the server. Note that a
>> pure void function will return a response to the client which guarantees
>> that the operation has completed on the server side. With
>> async method calls the client will only be guaranteed that the request
>> succeeded at the transport layer. (In many transport scenarios
>> this is inherently unreliable due to the Byzantine Generals’ Problem.
>> Therefore, application developers should take care only to use
>> the async optimization in cases where dropped method calls are
>> acceptable or the transport is known to be reliable.)"
>> 1) Is TCP/Socket transport layer considered to be reliable?
>> 2) In the TCP/Socket case, does it guarantee the request has
>> successfully reached the other side? or merely means the request has
>> been successfully wirtten into the local
>> socket buffer?
>> Thank you in advance..

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