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From james anderson <>
Subject Re: common lisp support?
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2010 09:04:01 GMT
good morning;

i started with the patch from the THRIFT-82 issue. i am keeping a  
github repository[1] up-to-date as i progress,

the code generator backend is a short extension from collison's  
version, but the lisp library is a rewrite.

please let me know about any things one might do differently -  
especially in the code generator.

my current application is work with cassandra. once it is stable -  
and once i can motivate someone to review the lisp code, i'l get back  
in touch.

On 2010-06-26, at 17:38 , David Reiss wrote:

>> i cannot say much about the c code, but i can review the lisp aspect.
>> would that help?
> Yes, but it looks like most of my feedback here
> ( was on the code  
> generator.
> --David


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