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From ZHOU Xiaobo <>
Subject Re: about building
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 09:07:46 GMT

for example, I use the configure parameter as below:

xiaobozhou@Tencent64:~/tmp/thrift-0.5.0> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/thrift --disable-gen-php
--without-python --without-boost --without-perl --disable-gen-java --disable-gen-as3 --disable-gen-csharp
--disable-gen-py --disable-gen-rb --disable-gen-perl --disable-gen-php --disable-gen-erl --disable-gen-cocoa
--disable-gen-st --disable-gen-ocaml --disable-gen-hs --disable-gen-xsd --disable-gen-javame
--with-cpp --without-php-config

and I got the error:
configure: error: Cannot find php-config. Please use --with-php-config=PATH
configure: error: ./configure failed for lib/php/src/ext/thrift_protocol

why php-config is needed while I am not enabling PHP binding?

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From: "ZHOU Xiaobo" <>
Sent: 2010年 10 月 08日, 星期五 下午 12:51:40 GMT +08:00 Beijing / Chongqing / Hong
Kong / Urumqi
Subject: about building


    I want to use Thrift as a pack/depack tool, and I only want its c++ library.
Meanwhile, I have an old suse box with few software installed, that is, no php-config, 
no jdk, no ruby, no boost etc.

    So how can I configure and build Thrift with only c++ binding, and how can I use Thrift
as a pack/depack tool like Google ProtoBuf?

 thanks a lot.

                                                       ZHOU Xiaobo

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