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From Srinivasan Anand <>
Subject Re: Re: File Uploads in Thrift with Ruby
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 18:34:12 GMT
Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the immediate response. As I was explaining to you, on the
client side, I was reading the file into a ruby string with one of the
two schemes like
1. file_contents ='file_path','rb'){|f|}
2. file_contents ='file_path')

Is this what you were suggesting by reading the entire file and
storing in a string.

Then, I was calling a method of the server and sending the
file_contents over the thrift. There on the server, I am again writing
the file_contents into a file with similar name and extension.
new_file ='file_path','w')

The issue here is that this works for text files (.txt files), but not
for other file types like PDF, .doc and others.

Apart from these, I actually did not get this multi-RPC-call thing.
What exactly is a multi-RPC-call? It would be great if you can guide
me on this and point me to somewhere where in the galaxy for this.


> This is totally possible, but you do have to read the entire file into a
> ruby string object before sending, or make a multi-RPC-call scheme on your
> own. There aren't any transports that will help you with this - those are
> all for Thrift's communication, not for reading in large binaries.

> On, Jul 18, 2011 at 5:30 AM, Srinivasan Anand <
> wrote:

> > Hi,
> >
> > I am a newbie with Apache Thrift. Though I was able to setup a simple
> > Server/Client message exchange with the help of Thrift in Ruby
> > (ruby-thrift-0.6.0), I am actually facing some difficulties in setting up
> > the code for a simple file upload/transfer functionality from the Client to
> > the Server.
> >
> > Since there is no File data type accepted by thrift, I actually had read
> > the
> > file contents with the"file_path",'rb'){|f|} as string
> > and
> > transported over to the server and then writing to a new file copy. This
> > worked for txt files. But in the case of PDF, DOC and probably all other
> > file types, this doesn't work out. I also tried using the base64 encoding
> > and decoding mechanisms for this, but no luck.
> >
> > Following some of the posts in the users-mailing list archives, I thought
> > the TFileTransport or TSimpleFileTransport or TFDTransport should do the
> > magic. But I am not able to find either of them in the ruby-thrift gem
> > apart
> > from the Buffered, Framed, HTTPClient, IOStream and MemoryBuffer
> > Transports.
> > Am I correct in understanding that these TFileTransport or
> > TSimpleFileTransport or TFDTransport acually help in transfer/upload of the
> > files in Java/C++ ? or Am I seriously missing something?
> >
> > Can we actually do a kind of File Upload (not big file, max 10Mb) with the
> > ruby-thrift gem from the client to the server. If not, can you suggest any
> > other possible alternatives for doing this?
> >
> > Some links I had referred to in the archives:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Anand
> >

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