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From HIRANO Satoshi <>
Subject New documentation for Objective-C is available.
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 06:42:51 GMT
Hi Objective-C users,

Since the documentation for Objective-C is so obsoleted, I updated it. The new documentation
includes a note on ARC support which I added two month ago, a longly awaited topic on asynchronous
operations, and other Objective-C specific topics. It also includes a totally new tutorial
for iOS.

It is compatible 0.9.0-dev or newer as well as 0.8.0.

I would appreciate if you correct English problems. Besides, I would greatly appreciate if
somebody contribute a script to build a framework of the runtime library.


The old page (for 0.2.0) is here. Since a sample project in the old page can not be downloaded,
I think so many users gave up Thrift.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Life is beautiful and full of surprises.

HIRANO Satoshi, Ph.D.         <>
AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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