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From Randy Abernethy>
Subject Re: Which Java servers are safe to process high-latency requests on?
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 16:40:00 GMT
Hi Morgan,

I think a Quasar server would be a great addition for the community.
Might be best committed as a contrib initially and then if interest is
high it could be moved over to the Java lib.


On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 10:17 PM, Morgon Kanter <> wrote:
> I'm writing an RPC service that could potentially have very high latency
> (blocking, essentially). So I'm trying to figure out which if any of the
> Java server choices are good for handling this sort of thing while still
> scaling to a high QPS.
> The best (and only) resource I found that enumerates all of the server
> options for Java is
> From
> this, it would seem like my options are THsHaServer,
> TThreadedSelectorServer, and TThreadPoolServer. All of these share the same
> idea of accept a connection and farm it out to a worker in a thread pool.
> The downside seems to be that if there's a high QPS of big-latency
> requests, the worker threads can get tied up.
> Thus, I was wondering if there would be any interest in the development of
> a new server type, TQuasarServer, which would utilize Quasar fibers as the
> concurrency primitive for workers and therefore (at least theoretically[1])
> not be limited via a worker thread pool. If I was to develop it, would such
> a patch be likely to be accepted into Thrift, given that it introduces that
> kind of optional external dependency?
> Thanks,
> -- Morgon
> [1] It's not clear at what latency breakpoint you would get gains in
> throughput; I'd obviously need to measure this.

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