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From Philip Polkovnikov <>
Subject Re: How to return more than one value in a Thrift service method?
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 17:46:37 GMT
By the way,

Why does `i32` and `bool` (and several other types) become the same
undistinguishable `binary` in JSON?
Why do you send method names in plain text in a binary protocol?
Why there's no inheritance of struct's in Thrift?
Why Thrift has no obvious way to define methods on client (i.e. server
to client calls)?
Why C# runtime is blocking and single-threaded?
Why sequence id is always zero?
Why does csharp:async imply that I have a fresh version of C#, while
it could've been done with callbacks?
Why feature support table was updated two years ago?
Why there're two JavaScript libraries?
How do I use WebSockets in both of them?
Where's proper API documentation?
How do I determine in a Node.js server that two method calls were from
the same client?
Why did I have to report an issue via maillist that spams my inbox every day?
Haven't you find more ancient technologies to get feedback?
Why I've got no answer?
What should I do with `version.h` in Visual Studio, finally?
Why does Node.js generator create global variables that fail 'use strict' check?

Personally I'd better write my own serialization library than patch
thrift once more. In a span of last two months I've rewritten C#, JS
and JSON generators and runtime libraries due to numerous bugs and
missing features. The real question is if Gajanan H wants to fix the
library that is certainly not ready for even basic usage.

2015-10-01 18:18 GMT+03:00 Jens Geyer <>:
> Generics do not have anything to do with it. golang supports this on the lgg level and
lacks generics big time.
> Btw, If you want generics, we accept patches.
> ________________________________
> Von: Philip Polkovnikov
> Gesendet: 01.10.2015 14:26
> An:
> Betreff: Re: How to return more than one value in a Thrift service method?
> Hello Gajanan,
> It's a pity that Thrift doesn't support generics, because it would ideally be
> struct Status<T> {
>     1: StatusCode Code,
>     2: T Value
> }
> service ImportantService {
>     Status<ImportantData> GetImportantData()
> }
> The absence of generics lower code reuse, because there's no way to
> generically handle StatusCode's if there're methods with several
> return value types. I've heard that generics was thought to be not a
> very good idea due to a lack of generics (or static typing at all) in
> most of supported languages, and one would need to create proxy types.
> uses this workaround for generics. It generates proxies
> like List_Int32. Thrift already has some builtin support for lists and
> maps, and we could abstract implementation approach from these.
> Another solution would be at least to create a pair<T, U> builtin
> type. That would allow us to write
> struct Status {
>     1: StatusCode Code
>      /* extension is possible here */
> }
> service ImportantService {
>     pair<ImportantData, Status> GetImportantData()
> }
> So in case you're concerned with this issue, you could add any of
> these features into a generator for the languages you need. We had a
> need for attributes on fields and structs in production, so we've
> added support into C# and JSON generators, and it was quite easy.
> Generator's source code is pretty simple, it's written in a small
> subset of C++ without extra dependencies.
> 2015-10-01 14:24 GMT+03:00 Randy Abernethy <>:
>> Hello Gajanan,
>> Many consider it a best practice to return a struct in thrift service
>> methods. This allows you to return multiple values and to evolve the things
>> returned over time. Adding new attributes to a thrift struct is a backwards
>> compatible operation.
>> Best,
>> Randy
>> On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 3:32 AM, Gajanan H <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a thrift service method `ImportantData GetImportantData()` defined
>>> in the IDL. I would like to return a Status code for this method. I would
>>> like to be doing some thing like `Status GetImportantData(ImportantData&)`
>>> Is there a way to do that ? Pardon me I am very new to Thrift. BTW I am
>>> using C++ as language.
>>> Regards,
>>> Gajanan

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