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From Allen George <>
Subject Re: Problems with building dotnetcore on ubuntu xenial
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2017 13:21:33 GMT
Chet - ah, so, a couple of things:

1. I’m running off master. Maybe that’s the difference?
2. I’m also running make -j4 precross. Interestingly, I notice that some
targets don’t build properly on higher job levels (c_glib specifically).
Maybe that’s the root cause of what I’m seeing.

I’ll run everything serially and report back either way.

Cheers, and thanks for responding!

On December 13, 2017 at 7:49:23 PM, Chet Murthy (

Allen, just wanted to note that I reverified everything (running in

(1) ran in docker ubuntu-xenial:

% dockerrun 1f55bb722f2f

[don't know why I have to do this, but it seems kosher, see just below]

chet@twitter:~/Hack/thrift-0.10.0/src/forks/thrift$ docker images
thrift latest e49f3d151760 12 days ago
thrift/thrift-build ubuntu-xenial 1f55bb722f2f 2 weeks ago
hello-world latest f2a91732366c 3 weeks ago
buildpack-deps xenial-scm 7ad8ecbb4e32 3 weeks ago

So as you can see, I -am- running ubuntu-xenial.

(2) did both and, and got no errors.
Specifically, ended with

No unexpected failures.

So ... uh .... could you verify that this works for you also? BTW, I'm
using the
branch THRIFT-4421-golang-tests-rely-on-gomock-causing-tests-to-fail

If you look at it, you'll see that it merely fixes up some Golang test
failures. Without it, the Travis CI scripts fail. But not in rust or

Cheers, and hope this helps,

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 1:42 PM, Chet Murthy <> wrote:

> Allen,
> I'm assuming you're running on "master" (or maybe 0.11.0) ? I've been
> running on Ubuntu Xenial, and recently started using the docker image to
> run the Travis CI scripts, without problems. To wit, I can follow the
> instructions in
> docker/ with the slight amendment that where they say
> % dockerrun ubuntu-xenial
> II have to use the explicit hash (or UID? no idear ...) of the image, and
> do:
> % docker run -v $(pwd):/thrift/src -it 1f55bb722f2f /bin/bash
> But inside the docker image, I'm able to run, and
> without problems, and everything works.
> Does this match your experience? I'm asking to figure out if it's
> something about your environment (hard to believe, since you're using
> docker, but gotta check, right?) or the commands you're running inside
> docker image.
> --chet--
> On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 4:34 AM, Allen George <>
> wrote:
>> Sending to the “user” mailing list because none of my messages on “dev”
>> appear to be getting through :/
>> I’m trying to fix some bugs in the Rust Thrift implementation:
>> THRIFT-4187
>> THRIFT-4390
>> THRIFT-4419
>> Running “make precross” on the xenial docker image doesn’t seem to build
>> netcore properly for some reason, and the tests fail afterwards with:
>> Using launch settings from
>> /thrift/src/test/netcore/ThriftTest/Properties/launchSettings.json...
>> Error:
>> An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest
>> (ThriftTest.deps.json) was not found:
>> package: 'System.Net.Http.WinHttpHandler', version: '4.4.0'
>> path: 'lib/netstandard2.0/System.Net.Http.WinHttpHandler.dll'
>> ============================================================
>> ===================
>> Any idea what would be causing this?
>> Many thanks,
>> Allen

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