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From "James E. King III" <>
Subject Apache Thrift, C++03 Support, Boost
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2018 14:00:52 GMT
Hi folks,

The 0.12.0 release is nearing completion!  The C++ runtime library for
thrift in 0.12.0 supports C++03 and requires Boost, just like previous
releases.  The dev team would like any input you have to offer on the
C++ runtime library future.  Specifically:

* We are considering eliminating the dependency on Boost and
transitioning to C++11 as a miniomum required language level.

This effort would simplify the build and packaging of boost,
especially on Windows where C++ library dependencies are typically
more difficult to maintain.  We would also drop the internal library
code that directly supports both pthreads and boost::thread, and we
would only use std::thread.  We would make similar changes in other

There is an Apache Jira ticket THRIFT-4441 which tracks the effort
that was started earlier in the year by one of our community members.
You can add comments you have to this issue or reply here:

Note that the boost organization had a lengthy discussion about C++03
support this summer on their development mailing list and the end
result was that any maintainer of a repository in boost was free to
change the C++03 compatibility if it simplified the code.


Jim (PMC Member)

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