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From Joerg Ehrlich <jehrl...@adobe.com>
Subject RE: [metadata] Input on reorganization of Metadata interfaces
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 14:56:23 GMT

On Fri, 4 May 2012, Joerg Ehrlich wrote:
>> Create one "Core Properties" interface for the Metadata class which 
>> contains just the keys for the properties which should be directly 
>> addressable through the Metadata class in the future. Those are all 
>> DublinCore plus copyright and a bit of other relevant stuff. Those 
>> keys will be the ones we have had before like "Title", "Keywords", 
>> "Format", etc.
>> The keys will always link to properties of other namespace interfaces like:
>> String Title = DublinCore.Title.getName(); String Author = 
>> DublinCore.Creator.getName();

> Won't that break existing parsers and consumers though? As Title will suddenly change
from being "title" to "dc:title", won't it?

If they are not using the Tika constants themselves but their values instead, then yes.

Thinking about it, I am actually not sure whether we really need to have the prefixes in the
names anymore if the new keys are properties instead of strings. Then we could implement other
means to identify the namespace for a property, by storing it in the property for example


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