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From "Steve Barrett" <>
Subject RE: WELCOME to
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 07:31:35 GMT
Apparently Tomcat 3.1 beta doesn't yet support jar files too well. You are
supposed to be able to drop a jar file into

	 {TOMCAT_HOME}/{application directory}/WEB-INF/lib

and it will automatically find it including any TLD held in META-INF.
It doesn't so you would have to amend your classpath to point to it.

The easiest way forward is to extract the class files from the jar into

	{TOMCAT_HOME}/{application directory}/WEB-INF/classes directory

Then place the extracted TLD file into

	{TOMCAT_HOME}/{application directory}/META-INF

You then need the taglib uri to either point the exact location of this TLD
file or alternatively have a mapping in your

	{TOMCAT_HOME}/{application directory}/WEB-INF/web.xml

file, which points your URI to the TLD location as in...


Hope this helps.

Steve Barrett

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From: Peter Wong []
Sent: 29 June 2000 22:34
Subject: Re: WELCOME to

I am trying to use a simple hello world custom tag which is already package,
which I simply download from:

and I try to run it and tomcat tell me that they can't find the taglib. my
question is
1.) where should I put the .jar file
2.) after I wrote the taglib class what do I have to do to put in the .jar
file so tomcat will able to use it.

Thank You.

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