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From "Fred R." <>
Subject Re: error using taglib
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 20:19:42 GMT

Thanks for your reply. I thought that may be the problem so I removed all
<init-param> tags and the error message moved to the next item in the web.xml
(which is a context tag).  A collegue of mine said that he got the same error
when the package/class name had a different case than the actual class name.
I checked that too. But I'm still having the same problem.

Fred R.

Hans Bergsten wrote:

> "Fred R." wrote:
> >
> > I'm trying to use a taglib library that I've developed and I keep
> > getting the follwoing error. The interesting thing is that if the
> > web.xml has only the taglib tags I get no error and everything works
> > fine. Any idea what could be wrong? I've been fighting this problem
> > almost all day. Obviously the error message is not the indicator of the
> > actual error here. I love tomcat, but in this case I wish it would give
> > a more descriptive error.
> >
> > TIA.
> > Fred R.
> >
> > org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to open taglibrary /xxxtags :
> > Parse Error in the tag library descriptor: Element "web-app" does not
> > allow "init-param" here.
> > [...]
> This means that you have an <init-param> element somewhere in the web.xml
> where it's not valid according to the DTD. The order of the elements is
> significant and defined by the DTD. Look at the DTD, either online (the
> URL is in the web.xml file) or in the Servlet 2.2 specification to see
> how the elements must be ordered.
> Hans
> --
> Hans Bergsten 
> Gefion Software

Fred Rahmanian
Certified Inprise Instructor (Delphi 5/JBuilder 3)
Sun Certified Java Programmer

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