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From "Thomas Schreiner" <>
Subject configuring a jsp-tag attribute dynamically with a Parameter
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 14:34:44 GMT

I'm trying to do configure a jsp-Tag-attribute dynamically with an
parameter that is given to the page when a user views it. Following
is the code from the jsp-page:

<%@ page language="java" %>
<%@ taglib uri="e2webproto.tld" prefix="login" %>

  <body>   <h1>Success!</h1>

    category = <%=request.getParameter( "category" )%>
    <login:categorycontext category="<%=request.getParameter(
"category" )%>" >



When I try to laod the page with the browser and the given Parameter I
get the following Exception:
D:\Programme\jakarta-tomcat\webapps\login\success.jsp(6,71) Attribute
category has no value

When I replace <%=request.getParameter( "category" )%> within the tag
with a static value like "foo" everything is ok, I get the Parameter
given to the page because of
the first line and foo becaus of the second one.

Next thing I did was changing the code produced from the JSP-Engine in
the work
directory and compiling the servlet by myself. I inserted
the getParameter thing at the apropriate place that it is the the value
the JSP-Tag-Argument and the page was displayed correctly.

Is this a Bug in the JSP-Engine or what am I doing wrong?

Any help is appreciated,

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