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From (David M. Karr)
Subject Re: server side includes Vs TagLibs
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 18:31:48 GMT
>>>>> "Justyna" == Justyna Horwat <> writes:
  Justyna> It depends on what your doing. SSIs allow you to include outputs from
  Justyna> servlets at certain points in the page. You can do simple inclusions to a
  Justyna> primarily static page.

  Justyna> Custom tags are more flexible. They can be described as javabeans with
  Justyna> access to the pagecontext. Tags can be nested, set attributes, and write
  Justyna> directly to the output stream.

  Justyna> So, for instance, if you wanted to apply the model view controller pattern
  Justyna> to your web apps you'd want to separate the controller business logic from
  Justyna> the view data. Custom tags would be one way of separating the business logic
  Justyna> from the jsp view of the data.

  Justyna> Justyna
  Justyna> < >

  Justyna> ----- Original Message -----
  >> Can anyone suggest any reasons/literature on why Taglibs should be used
  >> instead of server side includes?

Perhaps one simple example of the value of JSP/Taglibs over SSI would
be the "xsl:apply" tag (from the Apache general "taglibs" taglib),
which at page request time, allows us to process an XML file with an
XSL stylesheet to present truly dynamic content.

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