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From "Ward, Jeff" <>
Subject RE: Programming JSP Tag Libraries Book
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:12:56 GMT
  I would like to see some solid practical patterns on how to do look and
feel re-use with tags. Simple iterator tags give some abilities to a HTML
developer but tags that take care of template stuff in a natural way is
where the real power of the things are at. 
  Also, more advanced concepts like how to wrap off business logic from the
JSP with tags would be nice. I see to many tag libraries and examples that
should how to do a SQL query with tags and not enough examples of tags that
represent data (a current user name tag for example). Tags should hide nasty
back end logic from the view coder to allow them to concentrate on what they
do best of developing a good look and feel.
  I hope this is along the lines of what you were looking for. I would love
to see a good O'Reilly book on Tags. They always have a good knack for
teaching how to use something but they are still useful as a reference when
you have finished reading them.
  -Jeff Ward

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From: 	A. Keyton Weissinger [] 
Sent:	Wednesday, November 29, 2000 8:16 PM
Subject:	Programming JSP Tag Libraries Book


My name is Keyton Weissinger. I am writing O'Reilly and Associate's
Programming JSP Tag Libraries. I'm pretty early in my development and would
like to request feedback: what would you like to see covered in such a book?

My outline so far is a full coverage of developing and using tags and tag
libraries using examples from a wide variety of sources, many of which from
this project. Furthermore, my book will act as a reference for these tags
and those being proposed for the Sun standard JSP tags (see Sun's JSR 000052
Expert Group).

But I want it to be useful for YOU! What would you like to see?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Sincerely yours,
Keyton Weissinger

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