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From Marius Scurtescu <>
Subject Re: param tag and other suggestions
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 01:04:40 GMT
I was thinking that it should not try to guess where the file
is and allow for an absolute path to be specified. This path
can either be hardcoded into the jsp page, dynamically
created by a bean or passed as a init parameter to the jsp page.

"David M. Karr" wrote:
> >>>>> "Marius" == Marius Scurtescu <> writes:
>   Marius> A few other suggestions and comments:
>   Marius> - the "xml" attribute of the apply tag is not very useful,
>   Marius> it will try to locate an xml file in the folder where the
>   Marius> application is installed but any realistic xml file will not
>   Marius> reside there
> Obviously, a more reasonable strategy is to look for it on the
> CLASSPATH.  I would think this should be the default, but in order to
> make this happen, you have to build a subclass of EntityResolver
> (perhaps called "ClassPathEntityResolver") which looks for it on the
> CLASSPATH.  I've done this for XML parsing code that wasn't related to
> XSLT transformations, but I would think a similar function should be
> available from the XSLT parser.
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