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From "Aron Kramlik" <>
Subject JDOM taglib
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 05:19:10 GMT

I am wondering if there is a custom tag library out there that uses JDOM
underneath?  Our web application talks to a server that accepts XML
and returns XML, or rather a JDOM representation of XML.  What I would
like to achieve is to use custom tags directly on the JDOM Document and
Element objects that I have already got back via RMI.

Is there something out there that would help me with this?
Does anyone see any problems with this approach for performance, 
scalability or any other reasons?

I am also contemplating creating a JDOM Document/Element in the control
servlet from the HTTP input parameters that the servlet gets.  An underscore "_"
naming convention woud be used to indicate a sub-element.  So, on the HTML
form the following INPUT fields:
 - username=""
 - password=""
 - homeaddress_street=""
 - homeaddress_city=""
 - homeaddress_state=""
 - homeaddress_postcode=""
 - workaddress_street=""
 - workaddress_city=""
 - workaddress_state=""
 - workaddress_postcode=""
Would become a JDOM Document/Element that looks something like:
  <username> </username>
  <password> </password>
  <homeaddress >
    <street> </street>
    <city> </city>
    <state> </state>
    <postcode> </postcode>
    <street> </street>
    <city> </city>
    <state> </state>
    <postcode> </postcode>
This would then be ready to be passed across to the server via RMI or manipulated as needed
before doing so.  Has anybody done something like this and have any opinions/arguments
for or against it?

Thanks for your help,

Aron Kramlik

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