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From "Halvorson, Loren" <>
Subject RE: DBTags in WebLogic 6.0
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 04:18:53 GMT

I decompiled the JSP servlet WebLogic created that contains the two
ResultSet tags and tried to trace through it to see what WebLogic is doing
wrong, but it wasn't immediately obvious to me.  But something seems fishy.
If the doStartTag() is returning SKIP_BODY, it still seems to be writing out
the previously cached body in the doEndTag() (Am I reading this right?)

Here's the snippet of the compiled JSP page that may be interesting.  I
condensed it by eliminating what I believe to be irrelevant lines of code.

public void _jspService(...)
  ResultSetTag resultsettag = null;

  if(resultsettag == null)
    resultsettag = new ResultSetTag();
  j = resultsettag.doStartTag();
  if(j == 1)
    throw new JspTagException("cannot return Tag.EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE");
  if(j != 0)  <--- ****** SKIP_BODY is 0
    : <--- ******* iteration occurs here
  if(resultsettag.doEndTag() == 5)
  obj = resultsettag.getParent();
  ******* Then the whole thing repeats again
  if(resultsettag == null)
    resultsettag = new ResultSetTag();
  int j2 = resultsettag.doStartTag();
  if(j2 == 1)
    throw new JspTagException("cannot return Tag.EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE");
  if(j2 != 0)
    : <--- ******* iteration occurs here
  if(resultsettag.doEndTag() == 5)

According to this post on the BEA newsgroup, release() is the place to clean
up state.

Is there any harm in clearing the body in the reset() method?  I'm not too
familiar with the finer points of the Taglib specification.  I suppose I can
just get the source for DBTags and put the hack in myself just to keep us
going, but I was hoping not to have to do that.

Any insight you can give me is greatly appreciated.


-----Original Message-----
From: Morgan Delagrange [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 5:26 PM
Subject: Re: DBTags in WebLogic 6.0

Ouch, really really sounds like a Weblogic bug to me. 
Even if the tags are being cached, there's no way that
the tag should be retaining that information from
invocation to invocation.  In fact, when the result
set is empty, we return the SKIP_BODY constant.  :P

- Morgan

--- "Halvorson, Loren" <>
> I have found what I think to be a problem with the
> DBTags ResultSet taglib
> when used with WebLogic 6.0 SP2.  (I don't think
> it's significant, but I am
> using RowSets rather than ResultSets)
> I have a single JSP with two rowset tags, the first
> tag is fed a rowset with
> several rows in it and works flawlessly, but the
> second is fed a rowset
> who's query did not return any rows, and the body of
> the first tag is
> erroneously written out for the second.  In
> the body
> content seems to need to be cleared out somehow in
> release() due to
> WebLogic's recycling of the tag instances.
> I wondered if doing something like the following
> would fix it:
>   public void release() {
>     _statement = null;
>     _rset = null;
>     _shouldLoop = true;
>     _name = null;
>     _scope = null;
>     _rowCount = 0;
>     _stmtTag = null;
>     try {
>         getBodyContent().clear();
>     } catch (Exception e) { }
>   }

Morgan Delagrange

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