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From "Robin Mannering" <>
Subject FW: Input taglib
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 16:13:30 GMT

I've been using the input library for some time and it's great but I've come
across one problem though recently which concerns select/drop down options.

The drop down will have the relevant entry selected only when it receives a
new request object (via a response.sendRedirect/form submission/hyperlink).
I have an MVC frontend in place that forwards using a RequestDispatcher
(rather than redirecting) and although the relevant values are in place in a
querystring, the drop down list does not 'remember' its chosen option.  For
example I do something like this.....

RequestDispatcher rd = null;
rd = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher(originatingPageView +

Text boxes and text areas in the same form repopulate correctly but drop
downs do not.

If I do
request.sendRedirect(originatingPageView + "?statusFlag=T");

it works fine ?????!!???

Have anyone got any ideas on  a fix for this. I haven't tested radios or
checkboxes yet though. I can't do redirects as I am sometimes storing object
in the request object via request.setAttribute()


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