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From Shawn Bayern <>
Subject Re: Can anyone say when the JSPTL library will be ready for use?
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 13:27:31 GMT
Hi there, Alen.

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Alen Milkovic wrote:

> I have looked at JSPTL library and liked the notion of a standard tag
> library. What I would like to know is how mature library is and when
> it will be ready.

Early, partially complete versions of JSPTL are currently being offered
under an Early Access program (through Jakarta Taglibs).  The current
schedule attempts to complete JSPTL sometime early next year.

> By the way I found an error in the tld files: instead of tagclass i
> found tag-class same with tei-class and body-content. Is this a typo?

JSPTL requires JSP 1.2, and those elements are designed for the JSP 1.2
TLD, which do have the hyphens.  Thanks for checking, though!


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