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From "Matt DeCapua" <>
Subject Re: Tag Lib for Excel?
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 19:14:48 GMT
Yea, we have too.

I am a servlet guy, and don't know how to make it work in a tag library (which is why I am
on this list!), but this is how it works in a servlet:

    PrintWriter oute = new PrintWriter(response.getWriter());

The stream is comma separated.  - although it would be cool if it could be styled to take
an xml format.

I hope that helps someone who will be able to create a tag lib for all of us!


>>> 08/01/01 11:45AM >>>
Well, Excel (and most other spreadsheets) support comma separated values
(CSV) files. While that wouldn't support embeded graphics or anything, you
can generate graphics from a CSV once it's imported into a spreadsheet.
I've done this before with Servlets and our own framework.
Just a thought.

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001 10:55:16 -0500
"Carlos de Luna Saenz" <> wrote:

> I know that everybody want's to make a platform independent app... but
some clients are asking us to create Excel reports "on the fly" on web
based apps...
> i was wondering if someone is doing a taglib to do this (like a table
tag) and support some graphics...
> Greetings


Geoff Lane <>
(650) 969-5000 x104
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