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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Template Tags
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 15:02:34 GMT

  There is already a very similar "extended template" taglib, called Tiles,
in the contrib part of Struts project.
  Doesn't two very similar taglib in different jakarta project will confuse
users ?

  Maybe the Tiles taglib is not at its right place now and should be move in
taglib. Tiles are actually in Struts contrib for historical reasons, but
they can be used independantly from Struts, and for sure with taglibs.
  Tiles already provide the same tag behaviors as the ones describe in
David's chapter, but with different names.

  And, as already said in an old mail, I think that it would benefit to
users to share ideas about templating/web-components and discuss rather than
working alone ...


David Geary wrote:

> About a year ago, I developed a custom tag library that implements JSP
> Templates. Templates let you to build JSP pages from pluggable
> components by encapsulating RequestDispatcher includes in custom tags. I
> wrote an article about that tag library for JavaWorld, which you can
> read at:
> I contributed the templates tag library to the Apache Struts JSP
> framework. Subsequently, I received a great deal of feedback from
> JavaWorld readers and Struts users concerning that library, and I
> incorporated that feedback into a second-generation template tag library
> that I rewrote from scratch.
> The second-generation tag library implements the Composite and Strategy
> design patterns, which results in some features that were not present in
> the original library, such as creating new templates that "inherit" from
> an existing template. You can read about that tag library at:
> I would like to contribute the 2nd generation templates tag libary to
> Jakarta Taglibs. I doubt that I can update the Struts tag library,
> because the syntax of the tags in the 2nd generation library is
> different than the original, which would break many existing struts
> applications. Therefore, I would like to contribute the library to
> Jakarta Taglibs. (Note: the 2nd generation taglib can coexist peacefully
> with the original library in Struts, so Struts users could choose
> between the two).
> As you can see from, there
> are many benefits to the templates tag library. With the templates tag
> library, you can create modular JSP pages from pluggable components, in
> much the same way that you can build GUI applications with the AWT and
> Swing.
> Templates can have optional and role-based content, and you can nest
> templates within other templates anyway you see fit. Templates can be
> defined somewhere other than where they are used, which allows template
> definitions to be grouped in a single file, simplifying their
> maintenance. Templates can "inherit" their definitions from existing
> templates, which makes them easier to create and understand.
> This 2nd generation template library is a solid implementation that has
> been subjected to public scrutiny, and has been refactored a number of
> times to eliminate bugs and add features. I think it would make a great
> addition to Jakarta Taglibs.
> david geary

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