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From Gopalakrishnan Ramanujam <>
Subject RE: NoSuchMethodException while using Taglibs
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 16:25:11 GMT
I am instantiating the Struts HTML Tag libraries class directly from my 
servlet. I am doing this in the same way as the generated JSP servlet class 
will do. Getting the PageContext and setting the PageContext in the new 
instantiated Tag. After instantiating the class I call the doStartTag of 
the Tag library which should generate the HTML based on the Tag library. I 
get the exception while the doStartTag splits the HTML to the JSPWriter for 
the associated Tag. This doStartTag implementation requires the Property 
bean for getting the Values of the property(I do not have a bean property) 
hence I am getting the error.

Is there any way of giving a same Property bean for all the elements but 
the generated HTML name should be different??


At 10:34 AM 10/29/2001 -0500, Subbarayan Ramanathan wrote:
>How are you including the taglib in the servlet?
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>From:   Gopalakrishnan Ramanujam []
>Sent:   Sunday, October 28, 2001 3:02 PM
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>Subject:        NoSuchMethodException while using Taglibs
>I am using the Tag libraries directly from the servlet. I have a form with
>dummy bean. I do not want to have a getter and
>setter methods for any of the property. I will get the getParameter for
>retrieving individual elements from the form. When I tried to call
>doStartTag of the HTML Tags , I get NoSuchMethod Exception for HTML Tags
>like Choice,ComboBox, radio button etc. They complained saying that there
>is no getter method since these elements try to get the initial value. But
>for Text box and buttons I am able to do call that directly without the
>associated bean for that property.
>Is there any way of using these tags directly. In other words is their any
>way of setting the initial value for these radio button,check boxes etc.
>One way I found out is to extend these html tags and catch the exception
>and still process it. This is not a desirable features since we need to
>update the sub classes if there are any changes in the tag libraries super
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