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From Paul DuBois <>
Subject RE: documentation
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 22:54:26 GMT
At 17:36 -0400 5/11/02, Agrawal, Anuj (Anuj)** CTR ** wrote:
>  > >:)  Yes, actually i'd done this already.  But the spec doesn't
>>  >provide information for every single parameter/attribute/value for
>>  >each tag action.
>>  It doesn't?  What's an example of this?
>Hmm.. perhaps i'm not able to trace the sources for the information 
>properly via the spec, and that's how you could help me.. but, for 
>example, i wasn't able to find the property rowCount of the 
>resultset from a query listed anywhere in the spec.. and again, i'd 
>like to re-state that i don't expect it to be in the spec.. i guess 
>i'm asking for help in discovering how to go about finding this 
>information.. it must be listed somewhere..

Ah.  Okay, that's something that the spec should point out I think,
which is when it describes class interfaces to information via getXxxYxx()
methods, it could mention that you can use xxxYyy variables in RT expressions.
(e.g., getRowCount() for a ResultSet object translates into a rowCount
member of a result set variable.)  At least, I don't *think* the spec points
this out anywhere.  Perhaps it's not a general principle that holds throughout

But I've found it a useful guess, at least. :-)

I'll cc: this to the working group; maybe they'll comment or incorporate
the suggestion.

>Thanks for your patience.. :)

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