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From Luca Passani <>
Subject Re: question about tags and includes
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 18:25:12 GMT

Thanks for the suggestion Rahul, but this won't quite cut it for me. The 
problem is that it's not a specific issue in a specific application I am 
trying to solve. I am the author of a tag-lib. My tags assume that the 
whole page is
contained into <wall:document> tags. A few users have come back with 
question about why they
can't put common elements (header, footer) in a single file and include 
them in every page.

I was trying to answer that question.

Thank you for the help you provided


Rahul P Akolkar wrote:

>Spec related questions/comments will be best addressed in the appropriate 
>forum i.e. jsp-spec-public [ ]
>I think of includes as independent compilation (if needed) units. Custom 
>tags are more concise, better maintained and nest, validate more easily 
>compared to includes for the kind of end effect you're trying to achieve 
>i.e. instead of:
><%@ include file="" %>
> <tag:b/>
><%@ include file="" %>
>I'd author a wrapper tag like so:
>where wrapper.tag looks like:
><%-- taglib, attr, page decls, JSP elements, template text etc. as needed 
>  <%-- you could do more with jsp:doBody --%>
>  <jsp:doBody />
><%-- remaining JSP elements, template text etc. --%>
>And, this implies JSP 2.0 ;-) Let me know how it goes.

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