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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject [OT] Re: "select option" value query string differ - Win vs Mac(OSX)
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 16:40:22 GMT
Marked OT.

On 5/29/05, <> wrote:
> A.)
> Catch or disrupt bad QueryString within forwarding JSP, strip out  duplicate
> host-name,special chars & bogus vals,  before it proceeds to  cause "404
> error"

-1, since there's a chance this will fail in yet another way, on another client.
> B.).
> stop bad query string  from happening for connecting Macs  by
> detecting if  connect host  is Mac,  & then doing  "something" different .

Usually, the first bit of any significant JavaScript is a sniffer,
that checks for the navigation object/browser, versions, JavaScript
version, OS, flash availability, object and method
detection/availability etc. The script then accounts for variations.

> Perhaps,  if all else fails,  change code to default to standard  "submit"
> button
> to bypass Javascript  "jumpto()" for all Mac connetions -  but this would
> change
> user interface for macs.

It might not be a bad idea in any case, since you should not rely on
any behavior introduced by client-side scripting.


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