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From Digby <>
Subject Re: Problem with namespaces jstl / xml
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 09:52:18 GMT
I guess this is a namespace-uri issue, after lots of digging around.

Please could someone explain what my xpath should be to output the 
version number of the following (atom) xml (either in JSTL or plain old 
xpath? I just can't get it.

<feed version="0.3" xml:lang="en-US" xmlns="">

Many thanks.


Digby wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've narrowed down the problem I had before with atom feeds not working, 
> and it all seems to be due to the namespace declaration in the root 
> element:
> <feed version="0.3" xml:lang="en-US" xmlns="">
> This fails, and any x:out cannot see any elements (e.g. 
> $doc/feed/@version) - presumably because xpath is looking for a 
> particular namespace.
> <feed version="0.3" xml:lang="en-US"> works fine.
> Since there isn't a namespace prefix, what do I do? THis isdriving me 
> potty, sinceI can't be the frist person with this problem.
> Many thanks.
> Digby

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