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From "Rao, Aravilli Srinivasa" <>
Subject RE: RDC Tag Libs
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:32:49 GMT

Thanks for your reply.  Some Media Servers doesn't support grammar
element.  So we have to specify using the Built in Grammar only.  If I
use RDCTemplate also the same problem because it also adds the grammar

So are there any plans to support the Builtin Grammar or any alternative
like support to customize the attribute of a filed.  

I have tried the following alternatives to achieve the same.

I tried by changing the "field" element fsm-input.tag 

<field name="${}Input" ="digits?minlength=3;maxlength=5">  then
I tested with some test tag it adds properly the Builtin grammar.

But this is not the proper approach because Builtin Grammar can be any
type i.e "digits, number, Boolean etc"

I have tried another approach

	1)	Added one property in "digits.tag" file
			<%@ attribute name="type" required="false" %>

		And the set the attribute value to the Model

		<c:set target="${model}" property="type"

	2)	Modified the fsm-input.tag to read this property also

			<field name="${}Input"

	3)	Add the property in "digits-test.jsp" in the following

	<rdc:digits id="digits"
type="digits?minlength=3;maxlength=3;length=3" minLength="5"
maxLength="9" config="/config/test.xml" />

	Then I tried to execute the JSP then it throws the following

	javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: Invalid property in
&lt;set&gt;:  "type"

Could you please suggest what is wrong in this approach?


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From: Rahul Akolkar [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 4:13 AM
To: Tag Libraries Users List
Cc: Rao, Aravilli Srinivasa
Subject: Fwd: RDC Tag Libs

Received the following forward offlist. Since the original email was
intended for this mailing list, I'm replying here.

Srinivas - It seems you are having trouble posting to the mailing
list? We didn't receive the email on the list. Are you subscribed?
(please send an email to if
you're not).

> From: Rao, Aravilli Srinivasa
> Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 6:17 PM
> To: ''
> Subject: RDC Tag Libs
> I have the following questions
> 1)  Release plans of RDC and time frames? When it will be officially

As listed on the Taglibs website [1], the RDC taglib is already one of
the "Supported" taglibs. The first (1.0.0) release of the RDC taglib
took place in July '05. You will find the changes since that release
in the RDC revision history [2].

Are you asking about the next release?

> 2)  How to specify the Builtin grammar types for the field?
>       Ex:  <field name="xyz" type="digits?minlength=3;maxlength=5">
>       As per my understanding, currently RDC doesn't support Builtin
> So is there any plan to support the same?  Or any other alternatives
to achieve
> the same?

You're right in that the type attribute of the field is not available
for customization. However, for most platforms, the same effect can be
achieved via a grammar URL, such as:

<grammar src="builtin:digits" ... />

You can use this, for example, in instances of the RDC template [3]
(which accepts an arbitrary number of preconfigured Grammar objects).



> Thanks
> Srinivas

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