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From Francis <>
Subject JSP and JSTL "sql:param" and "order by" with Oracle
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 09:53:41 GMT
Impossible to sort a select in sql:query with an "order by ?"  and 
sql:param with Oracle.

<sql:query var="stmt" dataSource="${ ig42 }" >
SELECT id_agent, nom, prenom, no_ulis, no_bureau, prof_telephone,      
serv_principal FROM perso.per_v_agent_opencms
WHERE NVL( perso.per_v_agent_opencms.date_fin_contrat , 
TO_DATE('01/01/2100','DD/MM/YYYY')) > SYSDATE
 <sql:param value="${truc}" />

I try with truc=nom or truc=2.
The var truc is tested with c:out.
With  "ORDER BY nom" or "ORDER BY 2" in the select the query is in order
Another test with  a where clause "nom like ?" and <sql:param 
value="${truc}%" /> is working with correct value of truc.
The JSP page is working but without sort.
If the text in the var truc is "xxx" it's also working without error and 



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