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From Robert Bowen <>
Subject Re: Runtime expressions with <img:image>
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 14:10:57 GMT
Hmm ... well, I guess I downloaded the wrong library. Anyway, I was wrong in my last email,
using a java scriptlet I got it to work.

But I don't think I am going to be able to use it. Since I am generating images on the fly
in a loop, so that the image tag doesn't generate the image once and then spit that same image
out x number of times I have to give each image NAME a unique name. No problem, I just use
the loop counter. But if I don't put refresh=true, it still only generates one image, and
spits it out for every iteration of the loop. I don't get this behaviour really ... assuming
each name is unique, even though refresh=false it should generate a unique image for each
iteration the first time the page is accessed and then just load them from the disk for all
future page accesses. But that's not the case.

Anyway, if I leave refesh=true it seems to work but it takes a looooong time to generate the
images (in the docs it recommends against setting refresh=true) and that's with only 2 images
on the page! When I have 20, fugetaboudit!

So I decided to stick a little code in my app that saves a reduced version of the image and
spit that version out as a thumbnail in the page, and to show the larger version when they
click on the thumbmail.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for the posts. I am going to have to try using the latest
JSTL library from Apache and see if I can't get the JSTL tags to work with nested JSTL runtime
expressions, since sticking scriptlets in there is a) ugly and b) kind of defeats the purpose
of using tags in the first place!

Thanks again!

Hassan Schroeder <> wrote: Robert Bowen wrote:
> The image tag I am referring to,  is NOT HTML but rather the Jakarta taglib as the last
poster mentioned.
> Neither this: 

Just out of curiousity, I downloaded the nightly of the image
taglib (and dependencies) and tried it; the following JSP page:

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="img" %>


:: works exactly as expected, printing the value of 'imageSource'
and displaying that image...

> I downloaded jstl 1.1 (the jar that comes with Java SDK 1.4, appserv-jstl.jar, right?)

No idea what that is; I'm using the Apache/Jakarta implementation:

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