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Subject svn commit: r1555906 - /tomee/site/trunk/content/installation-drop-in-war.mdtext
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2014 16:43:00 GMT
Author: jlmonteiro
Date: Mon Jan  6 16:43:00 2014
New Revision: 1555906

CMS commit to tomee by jlmonteiro


Modified: tomee/site/trunk/content/installation-drop-in-war.mdtext
--- tomee/site/trunk/content/installation-drop-in-war.mdtext (original)
+++ tomee/site/trunk/content/installation-drop-in-war.mdtext Mon Jan  6 16:43:00 2014
@@ -45,31 +45,30 @@ If you prefer, TomEE can be setup by dep
  - Go to the TomEE webapp: http://localhost:8080/tomee and login with the user you added
to tomcat-users.xml
-![Menu bar](images/dropin_install_title.png)
+![Menu bar](resources/images/dropin_install_title.png)
  - Click the "Test your setup" link at the top. This should check that everything is working
correctly, and should display like the page below:
-![Test page 1](images/dropin_install_testing1.png)
+![Test page 1](resources/images/dropin_install_testing1.png)
  - If everything looks ok, click on the 'Continue tests' button. This will run some additional
-![Test page 2](images/dropin_install_testing2.png)
+![Test page 2](resources/images/dropin_install_testing2.png)
  - If everything has tested ok, click on the Index link at the top and select the '[Optional]
Install Listener and JavaAgent' link.
  - Confirm that the folders shown are correct for your installation, and click the 'Install'
-![Install page 1](images/dropin_install_install1.png)
+![Install page 1](resources/images/dropin_install_install1.png)
  - TomEE will now make the necessary changes to your Tomcat installation (backing up any
files changed). The next screen will show a summary:
-![Install page 2](images/dropin_install_install2.png)
+![Install page 2](resources/images/dropin_install_install2.png)
  - Restart Tomcat, and refresh the page in your browser. If the installation has been successful
you will see the page below:
-![Install page 3](images/dropin_install_install3.png)
+![Install page 3](resources/images/dropin_install_install3.png)
  - Your TomEE installation is now complete!

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