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From Per Newgro <>
Subject Re: HOWTO OpenEJB and HSqlDB
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 08:46:48 GMT
Hi David,

> I think this might be a path problem.  You can try putting the
> absolute file path in your jdbc url like so:
> jdbc:hsql:file:/home/pnewgro/myapp/conf/default.hsql_database.conf

Yes. It was a path problem. But not the pathname was the cause. It has to be

> Or you can grab this build i just made you and give it a try.  I
> added a hack for HSqlDB that ensures the file path conf/
> default.hsql_database.conf will be resolved relative to openejb.home.
I took this version and wondered that nothing changed. But then i took KDiff3 
and surprise, surprise : "No suitable driver . 0 . 08001". That was new :-)

Ok, i investigated for this and found (by try and error) the above solution 
But now i run into the problem, that i can not find a datasource by lookup. I 
get a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name "java:/APPLDB" not found.
Names in openejb.conf and in lookup match (already checked). Is it possible to 
obtain the datasource by lookup? Do i have to add other elements to a config? 
In jboss i have to deploy the dataset.xml in the appl.ear. So maybe i have to 
add the datasource to my openejb-jar.xml?

As i said before thanks for helping me.

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