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From Per Newgro <>
Subject Re: Why is the container managing the autocommit state in BMTs?
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 07:15:04 GMT
Hi David,

fine. I feel good, that i didn't miss the spec again :-).

>Couple questions, would you consider trying out OpenEJB 3 (it's java5 only)
No problem i'm using cvs and ant build file to create my standalone version. 
So it shouldn't make much effort to include another OpenEJB version And the 
application is using java5 to.

>  and how soon do you need this?
Its a standalone version so it's not required to work. The only thing is that 
it is throwing exceptions where "the other AS" hasn't thrown. I.e. take your 
time to implement. Don't get stressed :-)


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